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ErikaErika Lang – Treasurer

My name is Erika Lang, I am the Hon. Treasurer of QCGRA, I live at 9 Ruskin Mansions since 1982 and joined the RA the day I moved in and joined the committee in 2000.
I used to run an accounts department for a dress manufacturer/designer for the past 33 years. I retired in March 2015 as the firm closed down due to the expiry of the lease.

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Salem Mezhoud

RuthRuth Quigley

JulietJuliet Simpson

I am a retired nurse and moved here in 1954. When the Residents Association  started initially I became a member of the Committee and, unless abroad, have been on it ever since.

I care, with a passion, for our homes here and will always do my utmost to protect owners’/residents’ rights.

The environment has always been a very major part of my life, living in many parts of the world, I know the natural world has to be protected at all costs.

Every tree in the square is invaluable in keeping our air clean, giving us shade and shelter.