About Queen’s Club Gardens

Queen’s Club Gardens Limited was founded in 1993 to purchase the freehold of Queen’s Club Gardens and thereafter manage the estate. Following an overwhelming response, 427 lessees, being 90% of those then eligible, became members of the company and financed the acquisition. There are now 521 members out of a total 548 lessees. The management is carried out for the company by agents, currently Rendall and Rittner, reporting to the Board of Directors. In the main, the work is done by their manager and the staff based in the Estate Office with support from their head office.

The estate consists of 33 blocks with 548 flats, 3 staff flats and the office mainly set around the central gardens where there are two tennis courts. There are also 54 garages as well as bike sheds and other communal areas. The Directors aim continually to properly maintain and enhance the estate for the benefit of lessees while recognising that the overall cost for doing so must be kept at affordable levels. At the same time, they strive to ensure that this is done on a sound financial footing with long term planned maintenance.