Current State of the Internal Refurbishment

As it looks like the internal refurbishments are nearing completion we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with Graeme Elkington of Faraday Property Management Ltd who has been overseeing the works.

QCGRA: What is the date of the formal sign off with the contractors completing the major works?

Graeme: Not yet, the contractor is still snagging/de-snagging. Likely to be end February.


QCGRA: Who will be involved in this sign off?

Graeme: Myself.


QCGRA: How will the current snag and more major issues list be managed both on the run up to the sign off and afterwards (assuming that there will be items that come up once the contractors have left site)

Graeme: I will be doing this, but if you are aware of anything or think something should be included, please let me and/or the estate office know.


QCGRA: Finally, our role on the committee is to represent the residents in QCG and as such, we would be happy to be part of the sign off and/or raising any issues that remain as our residents do take the time to raise these things with us.

Graeme: Please do let me/estate office know of any items and I will see if they are relevant or part of the work and action accordingly.


Graeme can be contacted through the form below, and the estate office can be contacted through the usual channels.

If you are unsuccessful with either of these avenues please let the QCGRA committee know: contact us


Contact Graeme Elkington



Summer Garden Party 2015 – sponsored by Shaws Kensington

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Summer party so fantastic. The food was better than ever this year! We were struggling to find space on the tables for all of your kind contributions

A big thank you also to Shaws Kensington for their kind sponsorship of the entertainment for the evening. Please let them know if you use any of their services.

And finally a special mention must go to Erika whose tireless work ensures that the party happens each year.

I hope you enjoy the photos, we’re already looking forward to this year’s party


Resident’s Association AGM

The AGM was held on the 21st May, many topics were discussed including noise from the local school, gardening within the square and the current status of the internal refurbishments.

We also welcomed David and Raoul onto the committee.

If you weren’t able to attend we’ll be publishing the minutes from the meeting on the website.

May thanks also to Dexters Estate Agents who kindly supplied the cheese and wine.



shaws poster(web)

Garden Party 2015

It ‘s time for the QCGRA garden party again.

It will be held on the 18th July between 6 and 10 pm.

There will be a live jazz band providing the entertainment.

Any food or drink contributions will be gratefully received.

Last year was great fun, fingers crossed that the rain holds off.