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Welcome to Queen's Club Gardens Residents Website

We hope that here you will find useful information and be kept upto date with news and events in our Queen's Club Gardens community.

The Queen’s Club Gardens Residents’ Association was founded in 1971 to represent the interests of tenants (statutory tenants with controlled rents) and the growing numbers of leaseholders from undesirable changes and rising rents.  Among the achievements of QCGRA were the designation of the estate as a Conservation Area and the purchase of the entire QCG freehold queensclubgardens.co.uk in 1994.  As the identity of Queen’s Club Gardens is quickly changing, like those of Fulham and London, QCGRA will no doubt meet new, exciting challenges.


Complete Transparency

In the interest of complete transparency we've opened up all areas of the site.

You'll notice that there's a new tab at the top called "Committe" this used to be the "Member's Area". 

Here you'll see all details of minutes from committee meetings and AGMs, we hope it will make it easier to understand what we're doing as a committee.

Major Works - Feedback

 Dryden Hallway

 There has been positive feedback on the quality of the work that has been completed so far:


"As an artist I understand colour and finish and whoever choose the colours know what they are doing they look fantastic. I cannot wait for our block to be finished. It will be a pleasure coming home and it will no doubt improve the values of our flats by making Queen's Club Garden's a more desirable address.


I would like to finish by saying that Grant Archer is one of the nicest and most accommodating people hats of to him for co-ordinating such a huge project." - Karl Newman


Other residents have been working with the estate office to resolve issues during the work. If you have any feedback please be sure to let them know.

A time to share

A local tip from our own Juliet
'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is a great way of giving away and receiving items for free. I have just donated many geographic and wildlife magazines and board games to various people who asked for them.
A great way to help others and ourselves!'

Be careful over the Christmas Period


This week 2 people tried to break in to Milton Mansions. Luckily they were disturbed by a resident. 

The Duty Porter and Police were called. Based on the desciption the Police believe that intruders have been attempting to break into several places in the area. 

Be vigilant. 

 Neighbourhood Watch

Autumn Newsletter Available

The Autumn edition of the residents newsletter is now available here

It contains all the latest news from the square.

Thanks to Sarah for putting this together.

The Resident's Association Annual General Meeting


7pm Thursday 21st May 2015


St. Andrews in the Field, Greyhound Rd.